Sportsbook Features

TLCBet offers a wide variety of sumptuous sportsbook features that allow you to customise your wagers and get the most value out of your bets. Finally, a gambling partner that puts the power back into your hands by empowering you with exciting and interactive options. Whether you choose to build your own bet with Your TLCBet and Add 2 TLCBet, increase your earnings with SnapBets and the Combo Booster, TLCBet has you covered at every turn, every jump, every thrill and every spill.

Customise Your Bets

Besides being able to choose from an assortment of sporting categories, markets and betting options (including pre-match and in-play), TLCBet also offers a host of additional sportsbook features – all created with tender loving care.

Your TLCBet allows you to build your own football bets using and combining multiple bet types, such as full time, 1st half and goal-scores. So, instead of having to choose from a predefined list of options, or bets within the same market, you can mix and match your wagers exactly how you want to. If you want to up the ante even more, then our Combo Booster feature will provide just that. By placing multiple bets of 3 folds or more, you can further boost your earnings with each successive win. TLCBet’s customisation options give you the chance to be creative and feel the love with strategically placed punts.

You can also manage your wagers using the Add 2 TLCBet feature, which allows you to easily add a line item from another market without having to recreate your entire bet or having to double up on your existing stake. Take control and easily edit your bets, after the fact – don’t let regrets hold you back.

Value-added Features

Besides being able to customise your bets with our unique sportsbook features, you can also derive extra value through our odds, boosts and convenient cashing out options.

Our accurate odds and handicaps serve as a guideline for informed and profitable punting. Our ACCA Boost feature (mentioned above) can further increase your earnings with each successive win, up to a staggering 50% more – that’s over above your typical payout. TLCBet’s Snapbet feature allows you to take advantage of in-play insights to predict when the next goal will be scored. The more precise you are, and the closer to the end of the game, the bigger the prize. This is just another example of how we offer more opportunities for you to feel the love and go for gold.

Upon winning, or being in a profitable position, you will want to claim your earnings. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but TLCBet provides convenient Cashing Out features over and above the conventional options. You can choose to make full or partial cash outs on a variety of markets at any stage; that include cashing out during the game. Using a mini-slider, you can specify exactly how much you want to withdraw and how much you’d like to keep in for your existing bet(s). By doing this, you can profit from improved odds and see a potential payout before the game even ends. This is just another example of how TLCBet allows you to earn while reducing the risks.

The TLCBet Advantage

With an assortment of exciting sportsbook features, TLCBet is the place to be. Our heart-warming selection of customisation and value-added options are second to none, putting the power back into your hands. Whether you choose to create your wagers from scratch, get creative, cash out early and/or take advantage of excellent odds, you’re guaranteed tender loving care every step of the way!