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Problem Gambling

Gambling is seen by the majority of people as a leisurely activity which is fun and social. It should always remain that way but if you find yourself overspending, spending an increased amount of time gambling and losing enjoyment, you may be showing traits of a problem gambler.


Often people do not recognise the warning signs as gambling doesn’t usually start out as a problem. Every so often, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you spending more time and money on gambling than usual? Maybe losing track of time or the amount you’ve wagered?
  • Do you need to wager large amounts or spend a prolonged period of time gambling to get the same level of excitement as a leisurely player?
  • Has gambling neglected your work, studies & personal responsibilities? Maybe impacting your relationship with family, friends or colleagues? Or even replacing a hobby you once enjoyed?
  • Have people close to you ever told you that you gamble too much, regardless of whether or not you thought it was true?
  • Have you found it hard to stop after a loss or have chased your losses to get out of financial difficulty?
  • Have you ever wagered money that was meant for something else? Or had to borrow money or sell assets to aid your gambling?
  • Has gambling caused you financial difficulties such as not being able to pay bills or missing payment deadlines?
  • Are you lying about your gambling or keeping it hidden from other people? Does this make you feel guilty?
  • Has gambling impacted your health, whether that’s mentally or physically, including but not limited to stress and anxiety?
  • Do you feel that you might have a gambling problem?

You may want to seek further advice if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions. GamCare’s self-assessment will clarify which steps you can take.

This can also be found under the ‘Safer Gaming’ section by going to the ‘My Account’ icon in the top right corner of your device.

Our Customer Support team is also on hand to assist if you need it.


As a socially responsible business, we will always try to recognise the signs of problem gambling by keeping track of spending, deposits, gameplay and time on site. If we have any concerns over your activity, we will proactively try to maintain a sustainable relationship by using proactive and innovation processes to engage with players throughout certain points in their journey.

Find out more about why we’re Socially Responsible here


Using our Play Safe Tools is a recommended way of keeping on top of your activity by limiting your spending and time playing. Deposit limits & Reality Checks can be used to monitor your activity but if you feel like you are showing the signs of a problem gambler, you may want to utilise one of the following options:

All of these tools can be found under the ‘Safer Gaming’ section by going to the ‘My Account’ icon in the top right corner of your device.

Account Closure
Account Closure

If you wish to close your account, you can do this at any time. This will be a temporary suspension of your gaming account access if you need a break or you just decide to stop using our services for a while and can be reopened upon contacting Customer Support

This option will only close your TLCBet account & will not impact any accounts you hold under the TGP Europe license. If you feel like you are showing signs of problem gambling, we would recommend considering using the Self-Exclusion option.

Time Out Facility
Time Out Facility

This option can be used if you wish to for have a cooling-off break from gambling. Request the automatic suspension of your gaming account for select periods from 24 hours to 6 weeks. During this temporary suspension, you will not be able to access your account and any accounts you hold under the TGP Europe license.

Once the cooling-off period expires, your account will be accessible once again but please note that this option should in no way be seen as a long term solution for problem gambling. If you consider yourself a problem gambler, please use the Self-Exclusion option or contact Customer Support immediately. Find out more about the Time Out Facility here


If you believe you are experiencing serious gambling issues, you may want to utilise the Self-Exclusion option. This will prevent you from betting with TLCBet and TGP Europe licensed websites for a select period of 6 months to 5 years.

If you wish to stop playing for other reasons, please consider using the Time Out Facility or Account Closure options.

For full details of the Self-Exclusion process and how it impacts you, please click here


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